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January 20th, 2016

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November 23rd, 2015





Richmond Hill is always a wonderful place to live and work but it is extra magical around the holidays.  This year the Randy Bocook Real Estate team wanted to have a little fun and spread some holiday cheer so we have welcomed a new seasonal employee – Edsel The Elf.

Edsel is part of the Elf on The Shelf family and has relocated from the North Pole for a month to Richmond Hill as an ambassador for the Randy Bocook Team. Edsel will be working with the company starting Thanksgiving week through Christmas Eve to spread joy in Richmond Hill – and potentially cause a little mischief. He has a hectic schedule as his responsibilities include showing up around the town and county to make people smile and raise the spirits of residents.

We know that families love the Elf on The Shelf and many people welcome these elves into their homes at this time of year.  Edsel The Elf is named after Edsel Drive where our office is located and where he will be residing during his time in Richmond Hill.

You are all invited to look out for Edsel and capture his mischief – his appearances will be documented on Facebook at  Edsel’s Page and there will be prizes awarded for people who catch Edsel when he is being a little naughty and report on their sightings and submit photos to this Facebook page.


Richmond Hill’s Greatest winner Audrey Singleton

November 17th, 2015

Audrey Singleton & Randy BocookRichmond Hill, Georgia.

Established in 1962.

Henry Ford’s legacy in education

Great schools

Family friendly

Fantastic water and natural beauty

Wonderful quality of life

Say Richmond Hill to many people and usually the quality of our schools and what a great place to raise a family come up pretty quick in conversation. Working in real estate here for the last 17 years, I have come to know quite a few Richmond Hill families and many of them talk about their fantastic schools.



This month we recognize someone very special in education who has helped make Richmond Hill great – Mrs. Audrey Singleton.  Audrey and her husband Jim opened the Richmond Hill Montessori School in 1994, and Audrey became the director a few years later in 1999. The first and only Montessori school in Richmond Hill has grown from a few students in a small building with few facilities to a new location on Hwy 17, able to accommodate 250 children as well as training facilities. Singleton and her staff have been dedicating themselves to educating and maximizing the potential of many of Richmond Hill’s youngest residents for over twenty years, and parents continue to see the positive results of this unique early childhood education. The Singletons really changed our community with their Montessori school, and I have seen the results first hand. By nurturing our children, they have had a truly positive effect on generations past and present in Richmond Hill and Audrey deserves the title of Richmond Hill’s Greatest. The Randy Bocook team was delighted to participate in the Montessori school’s wonderful trunk or treat Halloween tradition recently with our candy giveaway.

This award celebrates residents who are committed to making this community a great place to live. Nominations are accepted for a different resident to be selected every month as one of Richmond Hill’s Greatest award winners and receive a $100 gift card to a local store or business of their choice. Individuals are recognized for doing their part to make living “On the Hill” a special place please nominate someone you think deserves the recognition!


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Super Humans Discovered

November 17th, 2015

Super Girl






Super Humans Discovered

Local Real Estate Agent Discovers Super Humans.  There is no need to call the press, face book or even TMZ says real estate agent Randy Bocook of Richmond Hill GA.   These Super Humans are in plain sight under your noses every day.  The Super Human trait they carry I believed to be linked to the men and women who helped build America.  Some of their Super Human qualities are shown in their ability to multi task and manage a family.   Never missing a soccer match or dance recital makes them super human at times. 

    These super humans are military wives.  Military wives have ability to adapt like a chameleon, handle stress like an ER doctor, and make decisions that  puts them on a level far beyond the civilian world.  The lists of hardships that military wives face are many.  Being both the mom and dad for large periods of time over many years, having to uproot and move across the world on little notice, having holidays without their husbands, emphasizing to their kids how much their dad misses and loves them on their Birthdays.  How do they get everything done?  As a real estate broker in a small community that is attached to a military base I have been studying the resiliency and the spark that these super humans carry with them.  When their husband takes the oath to the United States of America his wife has taken an oath as well.  Her career is put on hold; she supports her husband near and far.  She makes sure homework is done every day, pays the bills, she honors her marriage and her commitment as well as any veteran can do.  To sit back and say that they manage the household is a crazy understatement.  These women are very active and president to their kids school PTO organizations, they are on the board of their home owners associations and they are even their sons Boy Scout Troop Leader.  All of this involvement, this commitment with a constant cloud of fear hovering over them that their husbands are in a combat zone and could be killed at any moment. 

      There is an old saying if you want to know how strong your marriage??  Try  buying  a house. It reveals things.  If you want to see how strong a marriage is? Try Marrying   a soldier. 

    The next time you see someone complaining about something simple , chances are they are not a military wife.  As a civilian man, as a husband and local real estate agent that is tied to his community my first instinct is to step in and help military families but I realize my help can only so go so far.  So instead I give all military wives the name Super Humans because you carry your life and family over your shoulders, work together and have created an amazing canvas for civilian families to admire and look up to.  Thank you for the many ways you are Super Human and the daily drive you give.


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October Yard of the Month Winner

October 7th, 2015

Michael Roberts HomeOctober Yard of the Month Winner

We have to face it, fall is here, and winter won’t be far behind. I’m excited to see the leaves change (in other places of course) and to feel some cooler weather down South. Another reason to be excited for October is our latest Yard of the Month winner. I cannot emphasize how important it is to take photos of your home while your yard has green grass and Michael Roberts’ yard at 687 Brigham Drive beat all the others when we were looking for a luscious green lawn.

I’ve known Mike for a while now, and the hard work and dedication he puts into his own construction business is the same as the effort he puts into his yard. I often saw Mike slaving away while passing through his neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon this summer and the results made it all worthwhile for his family.

Whether you’re selling your home or thinking about selling in the future, remember that your yard is an important part of your home and its curb appeal. The best house on the block could be passed over due to a simple thing such as brown grass. So don’t forget to take pictures now while your yard is looking its best, and you will thank yourself if you decide to sell in January. And don’t forget, my team and I are always here to give you advice and a helping hand.




Our First Richmond Hill’s Greatest Winner!

September 22nd, 2015

Mr. Bill

Our First Richmond Hill’s Greatest Winner-

Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Established in 1962.

Henry Ford’s legacy and the Ford Plantation.

The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival.

The water and natural beauty.

Fort McAllister.

These are some of the things that define Richmond Hill. There’s no doubt that we have plenty to do and see at all of these great landmarks and places, but I love living here for a different reason: the people. Working in real estate here for the last 17 years, I have come to know quite a few Richmond Hill residents and their families. Everyone is special in their own way and contributes to our community through their job, their volunteer work or their general enthusiasm for life and participation in what makes Richmond Hill great, and I think that we need to start recognizing these great people in our community.

There are countless great people in Richmond Hill who the Bocook real estate team could choose as our first winner, but one man’s name kept being mentioned.  Mr. Bill Pollard, owner of the Ice Cream Stop, has been bringing smiles to Richmond Hill residents of all ages for a few years now. From birthday parties to charity events, Mr. Bill is always happy to accommodate us at his shop. I have held many customer appreciation events there, and my kids and I are more than likely to visit when we’re craving something sweet. If you have not been to the Ice Cream Stop or met Mr. Bill, I highly recommend you head on over and meet this wonderful man for yourself. We are so glad to celebrate him and give him the recognition he deserves.

Randy Bocook Keller Williams Real Estate Team launches a new monthly award, Richmond Hill’s Greatest, to celebrate residents who are committed to making this community a great place to live.  Nominations will be accepted for a different resident to be selected every month as one of Richmond Hill’s Greatest award winners and receive a $100 gift card to a local store or business of their choice.  Individuals are recognized for doing their part to make living “On the Hill” a special place. This will include those involved with local charities, local business owners and the community.




Trump Picks Running Mate

September 18th, 2015

Trump Picks Running Mate-


September Yard of the Month Winners

September 10th, 2015

412 Waverly


What have you been up to all summer? A road trip to grandma’s, visiting Mickey in Disney, or maybe you were lucky enough to really get away and head to the tropics. Some of us weren’t so lucky, but hey, we got stuff done. For all of you that spent the summer at home and chose to spruce up the yard for a barbecue or just for a place for the kids to hang, we appreciate it. You’re making your home, your neighborhood and your community a better place to live, and we want to thank you for it!

The Randy Bocook Realty Team is excited to announce our new monthly award for Richmond Hill’s Yard of the Month.  Now that Labor Day is behind us we have been searching the city and county for a beautiful summer yard. The Glasser residence at 412 Waverly Lane are the first winners, with their sharply trimmed grass and abundance of brightly colored flowers. Homeowners Chris and Madeline say they have dedicated many weekends and evenings to keeping their yard in top condition. They are pictured above in their yard and will receive a $25 gift card to Lowe’s to help them keep their yard at its best.

The Bocook team is committed to making sure your home is at its most appealing when the time comes for you to sell.  Got any suggestions for next month’s yard of the month?  Let us know – we will be looking for the yard with the spookiest Halloween decorations. Nominate your own or a friend or neighbor’s yard for a chance to win!

The Randy Bocook Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners Realty Appoints Lesley Francis Public Relations

September 10th, 2015

I’ve been in the real estate market for over 17 years now, and I have learned a lot during this time. From researching the latest trends to attending multiple real estate conferences and seminars, everyone in our team prides themselves  on keeping up to date but I have always believed in taking a step back from our daily routines and looking at the big picture and rebooting. So recently I took a step back and analyzed what my company and I can do to remain fresh and at the top of our game. Many of our clients know that we are great at our jobs because they’ve seen us at work first hand. What’s tough is reaching those that are not familiar with us so that they think of contacting us when it is time to sell their property. Using the skills I have developed through selling real estate has worked well, but now my team and I have decided to reach out to the marketing experts.

I’ve known Lesley Francis for a few years now and have seen what her company has done for other businesses and organizations in our area. Whether it is a fundraiser for our local Bark Park or leading the latest Rotary initiative, Lesley knows her stuff and makes sure the entire town does too. We are excited to try some new techniques and extend our marketing reach in the area with both fun and informative campaigns. We are already planning some great events for this fall, and of course we are stepping up our giveaway game. You thought a Yeti tumbler was cool, just wait, there are bigger and better things to come (as long as you follow, like and share us on Facebook!)

You will see us at some new events around town, celebrating what and who is great about Richmond Hill and maybe even promoting a contest or two, but our mission has not changed. We remain committed to delivering the best customer service, providing informed advice on the market and staying ahead of today’s technology to help you achieve great results when you need experts in real estate.

Randy Bocook, Richmond Hill Amazing Race 4th of July Yeti Cooler Giveaway!!

June 25th, 2015

 YETI COOLER GIVEAWAY Randy Bocook Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners is back with another giveaway! We had an incredible response and participation last time that we are excited to announce we are giving away another Yeti Cooler.

 To enter for a chance to win this cooler follows these simple steps:

1. “Like” the Randy Bocook Team Facebook Page.

2. Once you have “liked” The Randy Bocook Team Page:  like, comment on why you want to win, and share the post about the cooler.

3. Keeps your fingers and toes crossed! We will announce the winner Friday, July 3rd at noon.

A big thanks to Dallas at Richmond Hill Plantation Lumber and Hardware and Aaron Langes with PennyMac Loan Services for helping us with this giveaway.

Randy Bocook with Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners 

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