Put the Calculator Down!!!

Put the Calculator Down!


I felt like I was in a Will Farell movie when I literally knocked the calculator out of the hand of a new agent that works on my team.  You’ve heard the saying, “Real estate agents may be horrible at math, but they can figure 6% on any number.”  The newest member of my team was calculating his commission on a home that he had just put under contract.  How in all of those weeks of training, did I not explain to him to the Golden Rule of Real Estate?  If you calculate your commission, the real estate gods will take it away.


I know superstitions are silly, but for some reason this one seems to hold true.  Its like that football player, who refuses to change his underwear or play with anything other than his lucky game ball.  This player is more focused on the luck of the game, rather than where is focus should be:  playing a good game, cooperating with his team, listening to his coach, and honing his skills.  This new agent is a humble enough person to understand the quirks of our business.  Maybe it is silly to have these superstitions or maybe its just a good business practice.  I’m not going to put this superstition in my Operation Manual, but I am going to include a rather large chapter on doing the business right and not falling in love with the outcome.  I think a part of this superstition is that if you are calculating the money, you are taking your focus off of great customer service and putting the clients needs above yours.  Do a great job for your buyers and sellers and the money will come.  Think about working deals and making people raving fans and be surprised that we get paid to do it.  Oh, a quick update, the deal that he calculated the commission on is now a little shaky.  Sorry real estate gods.


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